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Disgruntled Daily Fantasy Players Pull the New York Yankees Back into the MLB Sign-Stealing Scandal

While Kristopher R. Olson brought his class action suit against Major League Baseball (MLB), the Houston Astros, and the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees have since been dragged into the case as an interested party-appellee-cross-appellant. Tabloids thrive by sensationalizing “grains of truth”, and even making up stories.[1]  The bigger the celebrity, the more […]

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Fantasy Baseball Players Are Striking Out In The Wake Of The Houston Astros Sign-Stealing Scandal

Fans may not be at the ballparks this year, but that does not mean Major League Baseball (“MLB”) can forget about them just yet.  While the MLB was busy disciplining the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox for violating MLB rules, Kristopher R. Olson, a citizen of Massachusetts, was busy filing a class action complaint […]

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