Author: Annika Kapur

HBCU College Athletes Challenge the NCAA’s Academic Performance Program

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) imposes academic standards to ensure that student-athletes are more than just athletes.[1] The Academic Performance Program (“APP”) requires college teams to meet specific academic benchmarks based on team members’ grades, eligibility, and whether they are graduating or remaining in school.[2] Programs must meet these standards regardless of their school’s […]

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MLS & MLSPA Ratify a New Collective Bargaining Agreement

On February 8, 2021, Major League Soccer (“MLS”) announced that the league and MLS Players Association (“MLSPA”) finalized a new collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”) covering 2021 – 2027.[1] The MLS Board of Governors and the membership of the MLSPA ratified the agreement.[2] The new CBA’s main terms include: “TWO-YEAR EXTENSION WITH EXPANDED FREE AGENCY – […]

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